FACTRFunctional Assessment of Characteristics for Therapeutic Recreation (psychology)
FACTRFujitsu Access/Transport System
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Hyperion worked with Fujitsu to commercialize the FASTLANE product with the FACTR platform.
The FACTR platform, which combines access and synchronous optical network (SONET) transport into a single system, positions Cincinnati Bell to bring the reliability benefits offered by SONET much closer to business and residential customers.
The first FACTR systems will be deployed in Cincinnati's western suburbs and northern Kentucky early this year.
This deployment of the FACTR platform makes Cincinnati Bell more attractive to customers in terms of service sophistication, quality and reliability.
Cincinnati Bell, with a network of six major SONET rings, is the largest independent North American telephone company to choose FACTR as its universal access platform.
Cincinnati Bell also will deploy the FACTR common shelf configuration as a SONET network element to support OC-3 (155 megabits per second) and OC-12 (622 Mbps) transport for customized business service.
One of the key strengths of the FACTR platform is its flexibility," said George Chase, Fujitsu's senior vice president of sales and marketing.