FACUFlorida Association of Colleges and Universities
FACUFederación de Asociaciones de Catedráticos de Universidad
FACUFacultative Upland (plant species)
FACUFirearms Association of Carleton University (Canada)
FACUFirst American Credit Union
FACUfire alarm control unit
FACUFamilial Atypical Cold Urticaria
FACUFederal Agriculture Coordinating Unit (Nigeria)
FACUField Action and Coordination Unit (UN)
FACUFuel Asymmetry Control Unit (F-15)
FACUFingerprint Access Control Unit (NEC)
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Graminoids and forbs with FACU and FAC wetland indicator status tended to increase in abundance as degree of bank incision increased.
The significant decline in FACW/OBL species in response to increased BHR is another indication of a functional shift from hydrophyte-dominated to FAC and FACU vegetation assemblages.
Knotweed; native; FACPolygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc: Japanese knotweed; introduced; Japan; FACU
Frogfruit has a wetland indicator status of FAC+ (about 60% chance of occurring in a wetland), Johnson grass is FACU (20% chance of occurring in a wetland), and barnyard grass is FACW (80% chance of occurring in a wetland), averaging a little more than 50% chance of occurring in the wetland.
Also, the upland section of the black spruce stand, where hydric soils and hydrology indicators were lacking, had an increase in FAC, FACU, and UPL species that resulted in an increase of their PI values.
If the FACU receives a signal from any device, it will transmit to the remote
FACU Facultative Upland Species Estimated 67%-99% probability of occurrence in nonwetlands, 1%-33% probability in wetlands.
Code Status OBL Obligate Wetland Species FACW Facultative Wetland Species FAC Facultative Species FACU Facultative Upland Species UPL Obligate Upland Species NI No Indicator Status Code Probability of Occurrence OBL Occurs with estimated 99% probability in wetlands.
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