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FAD2Fatty Acid Desaturation 2
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Previous work has proved successive fatty acid desaturations in various oil plants, including the stearic acid to oleic acid conversion catalyzed by SAD, subsequent linoleic acid formation by FAD2, as well as a-linoleic acid or a-eleostearic by FAD3 and FADX, respectively.
Arabidopsis fatty acid desaturase FAD2 is required for salt tolerance during seed germination and early seedling growth.
FAD2 is an enzyme that changes oleic acid, another unsaturated fatty acid, into linoleic acid which is necessary for normal growth of mammals.
But the ARS-university team used classical plant breeding instead, endowing their soy lines with two mutant alleles for the gene FAD2.
Of the two soybean FAD2 genes, FAD2-1 was expressed specifically in seeds, and FAD2-2 was expressed in all tissues (Heppard et al.
FAD2 operates in all plant cells, including green tissues, whereas FAD6 only is present in the latter (Miqucl and Browse, 1992).