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FADAFellow of the American Dietetic Association
FADAFederación Argentina de Ajedrez
FADAFundación Amigos de los Animales (Spanish: Friends of Animals Foundation; Ecuador)
FADAFlorida Automobile Dealers Association
FADAFederal Area Development Authority
FADAFreshwater Animal Diversity Assessment
FADAFederation of Automobile Dealers Associations
FADAFrank Angelo D'Andrea (creator of FADA Radios)
FADAFuinneamh An Dúchais Againn (Vigour of what’s Native is Ours; Kildare, Ireland community group)
FADAFile Access Data Unit
FADAFinancial Accounting Data Abstract
FADAFactory Academy Of Dramatic Arts (Davenham, UK)
FADAFine Arts Design and Architecture (Bilkent University)
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South Shields forward Carl Finnigan tweeted a picture of the popular youngster celebrating with his team with the message: "Thoughts and Prayers with the family and friends of Jak Fada today.
Jak Fada pictured with his great grandfather James Tomlin (left) and in his beloved South Shields strip (above)
Stephanie Gannon picked up the first Poc Fada title back in 2004.
Americans United's Legislative Department worked hard to oppose FADA and spread the word about its dangerous provisions.
To determine (i) the positive predictive value (PPV) of high FADA test results for PTB; (ii) the most common causes of FPs and the demographic characteristics of tuberculous pleural effusions (TPEs) and non-tuberculous pleural effusions (NTPEs); (iii) the frequency of TPEs in HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients with pleural effusions; and (iv) the FADA levels in TPEs and NTPEs and in HIV-positive and -negative patients.
le FADA est a meme d'attirer des investisseurs rassures par des projets rentables a faible risque, concus par les beneficiaires du fonds.
Above all the fada is a space of and for conversation (hira) in which humour alternates with pathos, and dreams coexist with existential angst.
It was discovered that a synthetic peptide blocks the binding of FadA to colorectal cancer cells can inhibit its ability to stimulate proliferation of the cancer cells.
The awards were presented in person by a team of FADA members led by Nikunj Sanghi, President, FDA in the offices of Keshub Mahindra and Rahul Bajaj at Mumbai and Pune on 22nd and 23rd May 2012, respectively.
sey, "look, das yu fada, pants seam sharp like gillette shut white
fada on the Qaddafi regime gun front of the camera, and threatened all the rebels and protesters on Gaddafi.