FADCFonds d'Aide au Développement Communautaire (French: Community Development Assistance Fund; Comoros)
FADCFast Analog to Digital Converter
FADCForeign Affairs and Defense Committee (Israel)
FADCFulton Area Development Corporation (Fulton, MO)
FADCFast/Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter
FADCFocus Attack Dash Cancel (gaming, Street Fighter)
FADCForce Air Defense Commander
FADCFull Authority Digital Control
FADCFriday Afternoon Drinking Club
FADCFuel/Air Data Computer (airplane fuel instrument)
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The data for the extent to which Nigeria is willing to receive FADC from the developed countries are shown in Table II.
46 per cent) respondents believed that the time lag between when FADC is given and when the industrial problem it is supposed to solve emerged is long.
Similarly, popular opinion has it, as can be revealed by examination of the data in Table IV, that the FADC obtained is frequently not used in the project area for which assistance is sought and obtained.
There is also evidence that differences in the perceived value of FADC in the receiver-donor situation influences the contribution of foreign aid towards the perceived level of industrial development.
Barzen (1984) notes that the issue of what it means to value a specific FADC is central to the examination of the logical status of a foreign policy that arises from the implementation of a project tied to aid.
Here, the value of FADC towards industrialization necessarily points to a specific project or goal, which may be an end-state, a process or the style of behaviour of responsible government agents.