FADCFonds d'Aide au Développement Communautaire (French: Community Development Assistance Fund; Comoros)
FADCFast Analog to Digital Converter
FADCForeign Affairs and Defense Committee (Israel)
FADCFulton Area Development Corporation (Fulton, MO)
FADCFast/Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter
FADCFocus Attack Dash Cancel (gaming, Street Fighter)
FADCForce Air Defense Commander
FADCFull Authority Digital Control
FADCFriday Afternoon Drinking Club
FADCFuel/Air Data Computer (airplane fuel instrument)
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Those organizations that have received funding and are now a part of the FADC network are:
The Montana FADC Network was created in 2009 and helps Montanans innovate and grow businesses that produce and commercialize food, agricultural and renewable energy products and processes, creating wealth and jobs in our communities and on our farms and ranches.
This FADC requires the development of operational capabilities by all institutions for participation in information campaigns and operations, as well as cyber security and defense capabilities.
Of course, due to the specificity of this article on the defense capability of the country, we reckon it is appropriate to add one of the most important FADC in defense--the defense system management.
(176) The FSLA Bill will also broaden the conditions under which the FMA may refer instances of misconduct by financial advice providers and individual advisers to the FADC. (177)
H1 and H3 share the same FADC channel with the latter signal being delayed by 200 ns.
The other addition to the lab -- the Cloeren Nanolayer Feedblock -- offers FADC's visitors one of the most sophisticated and versatile systems to produce nanolayer films on Dow's Egan five-layer cast extrusion line.
This sort of result suggests that any developing country which relies solely on FADC for its industrial development programme is likely to suffer from slow industrial development.
In Financial Markets Authority v B 2018 FADC 008, the adviser admitted breaches of Code standards 8 and 12.
The anode pulse signal was fed into a homemade 400 MHz flash analog digital converter (FADC) module.
The proposed project would build on the successful implementation and lessons learned from the Comoros Emergency Crisis Response Project (P120631) implemented by the Fonds d~Appui au Developpement Communautaire (FADC), as well as global experiences, in particular from Latin- America, South and East Asia and other countries in Africa.
The analog signals are digitized by 100 MHz FADCs. The raw data, saved in binary format, is converted to a standardized format defined by MGDO (MAJORANA-GERDA Data Objects) [24], a software library jointly developed by the GERDA and MAJORANA collaborations that contains general-purpose interfaces and analysis tools supporting digital processing of experimental or simulated signals.