FADDAFood Allergy, Dermatologic Diseases, and Anaphylaxis (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology topic area)
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The random differentiation associated with environment were observed in cranial (Fadda and Corti, 2001), mandibular (Duarte et al., 2000; Renaud and Auffray, 2010) and dental shape differentiation (Renaud, 1999; Hautier et al., 2007), geographical gradients (Renaud and Millien, 2001).
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Zayed Fadda, Director General of NARC commented on how innovations in the agricultural sector are key to maintaining social and economic stability in Palestine.
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Mahmoud Abu Fadda, Senior specialist Innovation and Future at DEWA talked about DEWA's future plans to create electric vehicles charging using blockchain.
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The inconsistencies in these standards have been noted by several authors, including Melhado et al (2006), Iudicello and Fadda (2013), Montanya, Tormo and Soriano (2014), and English and Salabasheva (2016).
Ana-Maria Fadda (University Cagliari, Italy) explained that in vitro techniques are used extensively in academia and industry to assess skin drug penetration and permeation because they predict human dermal penetration well, provide results quickly, and are time- and cost-saving.