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FADECFull Authority Digital Engine Control
FADECFull Authority Digital Electronic Control
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to push a button to disable one FADEC or channel at a time, similar to the mag check you've done for years.
At the time," said Liberty CEO Keith Markley, "Continental said that given what they knew about the market, they couldn't conceive that anyone would be building airplanes without FADEC engines.
Pilots' control of the engines through FADEC cannot be assured.
The DSPCon solution will serve as an adjunct, not a replacement, for currently deployed FADEC systems.
He said a couple of relatively minor problems had cropped up in testing last week but that the 'critical path' concerned the delivery of FADEC software, not expected before the end of October.
In 1997, three years after the crash, Channel 4 News asked Computer Weekly executive editor Tony Collins to interpret a leaked copy of a memo from IT firm EDS about the FADEC software.
The committee's inquiry uncovered a catalogue of potentially disastrous software errors in the new FADEC system, which was being fitted to all Chinooks.
FADEC and the iPad demonstrate that electrical can indeed trump mechanical.
The L/R ENG cautions are annunciated anytime a FADEC (the computer for the F414 GE-400 engines) decides the engine performance status has changed.
But problems have also emerged with development software for computer systems that control the engines, known as FADEC.
Damning evidence has also been unearthed since the crash over serious faults in the FADEC engine control system used in the Chinook Mark II.