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FADESFundación Para Alternativas de Desarrollo (Spanish: Foundation for Development Alternative; Bolivia microfinance)
FADESForeign Animal Disease Emergency Support Plan (Canada)
FADESFocus on Analysis and Documentation in the Enduring Stockpile
FADESFacilities Design Expert System (operations management)
FADESFundacion Argentina para el Desarrollo Sociotecnologico
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When a remembered event has a remembered context, this may occur in two ways, either (a) by successive images in the same order as their prototypes, or (b) by remembering a whole process simultaneously, in the same way in which a present process may be apprehended, through akoluthic sensations which, by fading, acquire the mark of just-pastness in an increasing degree as they fade, and are thus placed in a series while all sensibly present.
Across the willow-lake a temple shines, Pale, through the lotus-girdled isle of pines, And twilight listens to the drip of oars -- The coming of dark boats with scented stores Of orange seed; the mist leans from the hill, While palm leaves sway 'twixt wind and water chill, And waves of smoke like phantoms rise and fade Into a trembling tangle of green jade.
When I heard the voices die away, and saw the quiet evening cloud grow dim, and all the colours in the valley fade, and the golden snow upon the mountain-tops become a remote part of the pale night sky, yet felt that the night was passing from my mind, and all its shadows clearing, there was no name for the love I bore her, dearer to me, henceforward, than ever until then.
The roofs shall fade before it, The house-beams shall fall, And the Karela, the bitter Karela, Shall cover it all!
said the disappointed harpooner, who saw his dreams of fresh meat fade away.
Tetanic fade (Fade) or Wedensky inhibition occurs when the tetanic contraction is characterized by a poorly sustained muscular contraction that follows a fast muscular contraction of high amplitude.
Each depicts a poster showing the hairstyles available within--including, of course, fades.