FADNDurban (airport code; South Africa)
FADNFarm Accountancy Data Network (EU)
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--It is concerning the fact that 32 percent of the farmers are familiar with FADN given our aspirations to join the European Union where this system is compulsory.
The aim of the study is to define the determinants of the balance of cash flow from operating activities of the farms participating in the PL FADN (1) system in the Podlaskie voivodeship.
The concepts of income and net value added were utilized in the analysis in compliance with FADN nomenclature.
[12] conducted some particularly interesting research on the technical efficiency analyses of EU farms, in which they used FADN data to find whether a higher specialisation and a bigger economic size class of farms determine a higher technical efficiency at the same scale for the farms from the new and old countries of the EU.
Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN), Agriculture and Rural Development, http:// ec.europa.eu/agriculture/fadn/ index_en.htm
On the FADN, the committee adopted a mandate for informal three-way talks with the EP on the draft proposal.
Research data have been obtained from the FADN, whose cost classification (displayed in Table 1) and methodology are explained in Appendix 1.
Figure 2 below shows the cost/output results for the eight year average, for each of the selected countries, for all specialist dairy farms in the FADN sample.
While FADN and KWAFU have been generally apolitical, AFU has been highly mobilized, engaging in both legal and illegal activities, including protesting in front of the Ministry of Unification (MOU) minister's home, harassing members of the victim recognition deliberation committee, and reportedly hiring agents to infiltrate North Korea (Arrington 2007, 14).
Data were extracted from FADN surveys, which are implemented in all EU Member-States and some New Member States of the EU.
Empirical studies of Rys-Jurek (2014) were based on on aggregate (country-level) data FADN (research period: years 2004-2011).