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FADOFalse and Authentic Documents Online (travel documents; image-archiving system; EU)
FADOFire Apparatus Driver/Operator
FADOFellow of the Association of Dispensing Opticians
FADOFlorida Association of Diving Operators
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Aurora takes classic Fado into the twenty-first century, keeping its
In 2011, the fado was added to the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage List.
Maria Ana performs regularly at numerous festivals and concert halls throughout the world, presenting Fado Music and Portuguese culture in other countries such as England, USA, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Italy, Morocco, Malta, Netherlands, India and Egypt.
Utilising the traditional form of Portuguese music, the singer creates and constantly renews Fado with new material, bringing it closer to the new members of the audience.
Para el analisis compararemos tanto los relatos como las imagenes presentadas por cada pelicula sobre los generos tango y fado. Sopesaremos tales discursos y representaciones en relacion con las teorias sobre el origen y la esencia de estos generos, circulantes en la bibliografia precedente, contemporanea o posterior a las mencionadas cintas.
"Portuguese fado, Brazilian bossa nova, and Argentine tango is a pure love in which a spectrum of emotions can be found--falling in love, closeness, passion, flight, possible parting, new meeting, and endless longing."
Fado Lusitano inicialmente foi uma encomenda feita por John Halas (19121995), que faleceu antes do termino do projeto.
Portugal has a rich culture dating back to prehistoric times, seen in the colorful Celtic-influenced folklore of the north, in the Moorish-influenced Fado music, in its romantic language, distinctive architecture (including its dazzling Azulejos and Calcadas), painting and distinguished literature, not to mention its welcoming people who have spread its culture around the world ever since the Age of discovery, and its intriguing history.
Douceur et esprit festif Dans son interpretation, cette etoile montante du Fado a choisi de garder une instrumentation des plus classiques afin de prendre plus de liberte dans les poemes et textes chantes.
BEIRUT: Portuguese fado singer Liana enchanted audiences Monday night at Beirut's MusicHall with a performance that was both lively and ripe with emotion.
The Portuguese parliament approved the transfer of Eusebio to the National Pantheon, alongside heroes like fado singer Amalia Rodrigues, in February, following legal doubts as to whether his body could remain there before three years of his death had been completed.
Fadistas (fado singers) sang out this impassioned refrain many times during the years that I lived in Lisbon doing research (2012-13).