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FAEFetal Alcohol Effects
FAEFédération Autonome de l'Enseignement (French: Autonomous Federation of Education; Canada)
FAEFunctional Accessibility Evaluator (software)
FAEFumaric Acid Ester
FAEFaculdade de Educação (Portuguese: School of Education; Brazil)
FAEFédération des Associations d'Etudiant (French: Federation of Student Associations; Switzerland)
FAEFoyer d'Action Éducative (French: Foster Educational Action)
FAEFast Ethernet
FAEFacial Animation Engine
FAEField Applications Engineer
FAEFuel-Air Explosive
FAEFujikura Automotive Europe (Fujikura Ltd.; Japan)
FAEFundamental Attribution Error
FAEFinite Element Analysis
FAEFrein d'Aide à l'Exploitation (French: Brake Assistance, Operations)
FAEFujitsu Advanced Engineering (Japan)
FAEFrei Aber Einsam (referring to a Brahms sonata for violin and piano)
FAEFinal Average Earnings (pension plans)
FAEFunctional Abilities Evaluation (Canada)
FAEFire Apparatus Engineer
FAEFailure Analysis Engineer
FAEFaroe Islands, Faroe Islands - Faeroe Islands (Airport Code)
FAEFédération des Acteurs Économiques d'Evian (French: Evian Federation of Economic Actors; commercial union; est. 2003)
FAESorvag (Faeroe Islands, Denmark)
FAEFilm At Eleven
FAEFormation Animation Équitation (French: Animation Horseback Riding Training)
FAEForce Aérienne Belge (Belgian Air Force)
FAEFunctional Area Evaluator
FAEFood Anaphylaxis Education
FAEFine Alignment Equipment
FAEFirst Aid Employees
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I complement the interviews with a close reading of an expert report on age estimation (Altersgutachten): the written product of FAE. Accessing such reports was difficult.
And while her heart is bound to Aohdan, she cannot let go of her lifelong quest to hunt down the Fae who haunts her visions--especially when she realizes Aohdan might be the key to helping her find him.
La FAE en rajoute une louche en declarant que le potentiel hydrique conventionnel de la Tunisie, forme a 55% d'eaux de surface et a 45% de nappes d'eau souterraines, est deja en flux tendu.
We believe that part of the FAE proceeds will be used in acquisitions over 2016-2018, but we have not factored any specific purchase in the next couple of years in our rating case due to lack of public guidance and visibility on details.
Riyadh-based FAE has experience in the fields of leak detection, asset management, and pipeline inspection and rehabilitation.
Readers should know that while Marr has returned to the fae, there is no overlap with the Wicked Lovely series.
Now they're set to raise the curtain on the second instalment - Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga: Wee Fat Glesga Wedding.
La administracion concomitante de los anticonceptivos hormonales (AH) y los FAE es un reto para el clinico, ya que requiere tomar en cuenta consideraciones especificas por las posibles interacciones farmacologicas, en especial cuando se prescriben farmacos antiepilepticos inductores de enzimas metabolizadoras del higado (FAE-IE) ya que los esteroides gonadales y sus derivados sinteticos son metabolizados por las enzimas del citocromo P450 hepatico (CYP3A4), lo que conlleva una reduccion de los niveles plasmaticos activos de los AH por dos vias: el incremento de la tasa de su catabolismo y una mayor union a globulina fijadora de hormonas sexuales (SHBG) (4).
Ben subdued them with his haunting music, while Hazel wielded a sword against the sinister fae who lured tourists to their deaths.
Thirty years later, those tidbits are being brought to schoolchildren across Central Massachusetts through a character known as Oliver Fae.