FAE1Fatty Acid Elongation 1 (gene)
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Triacylglycerol composition in Brassica napus is associated with variation in the sequence of the FAE1 gene.
Hero FAE1 transgenic [T.sub.2] lines were field tested in a nursery trial.
Expression of the Arobidopsis FAE1 Gene in a Low Erucic Acid (Canola) B.
Successful transfer of the FAE1 gene was initially confirmed by PCR of leaf genomic DNA isolated from [T.sub.0] transgenic lines.
thaliana FAE1 gene in transgenic lines, the capacity for VLCFA biosynthesis (elongase activity) was assayed in vitro.
(A) Analyses of Westar non-transformed wild-type control (WS-WT) lines and Westar FAE1 [T.sub.2] transgenic lines WS- (1-1; 1-2; 2-3; 2-10; 3-4; 3-8; 4-2; 4-4; 5-7; 6-2).
To analyze the pattern of transgene integration we performed Southern hybridization analyses, which showed that line H-16 had single insert while lines H-10, H-14, and H-20 had multiple inserts of the FAE1 transgene in their genomes (data not shown).
The results of the GC analyses of fatty acid composition in seed oil of [T.sub.2] Hero FAE1 transgenic lines and wild-type controls are shown in Fig.
The capacity for VLCFA biosynthesis (elongase activity) was assayed in vitro with homogenates from developing seeds at 30 to 35 DAP from Hero FAE1 transgenic lines and Hero wild-type controls.
To test the performance of transgenic FAE1 plants in the field, 37 [T.sub.2] B.
Proportions of erucic acid (22:1), total VLCFAs (Very Long Chain fatty Acids) and oil content in seed of nontransformed wild-type control plants (H-ntCon) and [T.sub.3] seed of selected FAE1 transgenic lines (H-10-2, H-10-5, H-10-6, H-10-10 and H-14-7) of B.
thaliana FAE1 gene in yeast and tobacco where no significant quantities of VLCFA are found, they demonstrated that the introduction of the FAE1 gene alone is sufficient for the production of VLCFAs.