FAEOErmelo (airport code; South Africa)
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"For the strawberry aroma, we investigated altogether six different enzyme-molecule combinations - and ended up understanding how FaEO produces the HDMF flavor compound," explained Dr.
Thus, the FaEO enzyme represents the first member of new class of biocatalysts - a discovery that could lead to useful applications in industrial biotechnology.
Glamorgan County: Craig Williams (Pontypridd), Darren Griffiths, Paul Morgan, Neil Lewis, Paul Bamsey (all Aberavon), Ceri Swenney (Pontypridd) Carl Hammans (Treorchy), Alyd Jones (Caerphilly), Faeo Vunipola (Pontypridd), Roy Howells (Pontypridd), Ian Strang (Nantymoel), Mervin Meredith (Aberavon), Phil Wheeler (Cardiff), Howard Merit (Aberavon) Chris Kinsey (captain, Aberavon).