FAERFoundation for Anesthesia Education and Research
FAERFaeroese (linguistics)
FAERFoundation for Advancement of Education and Research (India)
FAERFabbrica Argani per Elevatori Roma (Italian: Factory Gears for Elevators Rome)
FAERFlorida Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired
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"It is an honor for FAER to be recognized by .orgCommunity for these three awards," said James C.
Therefore some parameters are not taken into account that could modify the overall FAER estimation, such as local temperature, pressure, oxygen content.
The effect of latent heat of vaporization (here mentioned in kJ/kg) is amplified by the significantly lower stoichiometric air fuel ratio in case of ethanol (compared to all other fuels: more fuel flow is needed to obtain FAER equals to 1.0 at a given air flow) and also by the lower heating value of ethanol (more ethanol mass is needed to obtain the same amount of energy).
Logo: http://www.photos.apo-opa.com/plog-content/images/apo/logos/african-development-bank-2.png Le FAER est un fonds de capital-investissement, qui investit dans des projets d'energie renouvelable (d'envergure modeste et moyenne) en Afrique subsaharienne (a l'exclusion de l'Afrique du Sud), et vise une capitalisation totale de 150 a 200 millions de dollars EU.
Section B: 1, Miss Sara Bowe, Cowling Faer and Square; 2, Miss Robyn Bowness, Abbey General; 3, Miss Francesca Peters Meadow Burn.
See also Richard Faber, Autoritarer Liberalismus: Von Thomas Hobbes zu Carl Schmitt, in LIBERALISMUS IN GESCHICHTE UND GEGENWART 59-77 (Richard Faer ed., 2000).
As many scholars rightfully acknowledge (Baer, 2011; Chesterman, 2011; Faer, 2003), "humanitarian intervention is more talked about than done" (1).
Dadorchuddiwyd gan faer Caergybi, Y Cynghorydd J V Owen, ar 21 Ebrill 2011.
(1.) Harrison MR, Filly RA, Parer JT, Faer MJ, Jacobsen JB, de Lorimier AA.
Author Alexandra Faer Bryan hit a home-run with this book!" - Sandy Spencer- blogger for "Free Alzheimer's Support" http://free-alzheimers-support.com
Mejora y fortaleciemiento cobertura de de fondos, FOES, FAER. Art.
Carefully selected partners like NanaWall (eco-friendly folding glass French doors) and Faer Ambienti (colorful custom bedrooms) are Sarasota exclusives.