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FAFFForeign Air Freight Forwarding License (license for foreign air freight operators to operate in US)
FAFFFarmington Area Founders Festival (Farmington Hills, MI)
FAFFFellowship and Family Fun (UK)
FAFFFun After Fifty Five (religious group)
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I also found it a bit of a faff to use the phonebook function - it could definitely be easier to store numbers in the memory.
After moaning for an hour and appearing to do nothing more than faff about with a valve, he handed us an invoice for pounds 450 and told us about his upcoming holiday to Barbados.
Just because you are elderly doesn't mean you have to stop living - keeping up appearances helps keep up morale" - The forces' sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn, who is approaching 100 "Mrs May - from one grammar school girl to another, stop the faff, stop the fudge and the farce, get on with it" - Diane James, the new Ukip leader, urging the Prime Minister to bring about Brexit as quickly as possible "Labour is sleepwalking towards an electoral disaster" - Owen Smith, challenger for the party leadership "We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers" - President Barack Obama attacks Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the White House
But, be honest, it was a bit of a faff to start with.
Send your questions to travel@people.co.uk QMY cycling-obsessed partner is insisting on taking his bike with us when we go on holiday to Majorca, but it seems an expensive faff. Can you help?
LISA HAYNES kicks back for an at-home spa experience ahead of party season URBAN Retreat at Home eliminates the faff of being preened and pampered.
Clean SWeep Fresh pineapple is yummy,but preparing it is a total faff. Take the strain out of the job with this fab Pineapple Wedger from The Pampered Chef.
Her colourful recipes come in three specific varieties: "Low-faff, middling-faff and high faff".
COLOUR expert Lisa Shepherd (below) has taken the faff out of customers getting their roots done with a new twist on the 60-minute makeover.
Mr Clarke said: "It's a bit late and something of a faff to get to Glasgow at my age, but people who missed out will now get a degree."