FAFFAFast Far Field Approximation
FAFFAFindlay Area Fantasy Football Association
FAFFAFanclub Arts Foundation Fashion Awards (Detroit, MI)
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Then, a fast far-field approximation (FAFFA) [18] is used to calculate the mutual EM coupling interactions between the targets and the sea surface.
To further accelerate the coupling process between the targets and the sea surface, fast far-field approximation (FAFFA) is applied to calculate the two far coupling groups.
In terms of FAFFA, the interactions are separated into the following three steps: aggregation, translation, and disaggregation in far regions.
Faffa fights off favourite Adam Carter, who partnered Another Citizen, went one better on the Easterbytrained Faffa in the three-runner maiden.
This proved difficult on Faffa (stall 2 of 12) in the next but he was back on the scoresheet courtesy of Willie The Whipper in the 1m Listed contest and grabbed a third winner thanks to The Tiger in the 1m2f handicap.
Meanwhile, the fast far-field approximation (FAFFA) [13] for the hybrid method is applied to speed up the electromagnetic coupling interaction process.
Borrowing the idea from the fast far-field approximation (FAFFA) [13] in the MLFMA, the coupling interaction between KA and MLFMA can be accelerated in the interaction between far-field region groups.
The near-region interaction is solved directly, and the far-region interaction is speeded up by the FAFFA. Suppose there are [C.sub.1] and [C.sub.2] basis functions in each object group and in each rough surface group, respectively, the consumed time in the interaction process can be reduced to o(MN)/([C.sub.1][C.sub.2]), even to o([square root of MN]) if [C.sub.1] ~ [square root of M] and [C.sub.2] ~ [square root of N], M and N denote the number of the unknowns of object and rough surface, respectively.
For the composite model, it can be solved well in a common PC machine using the hybrid method and FAFFA.
With the hybrid algorithm and FAFFA acceleration technique, the results of bi-static d-RCS with (or without) sea background scattering are given in the Fig.