FAGGFederaal Agentschap voor Geneesmiddelen en Gezondheidsproduction (Dutch: Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Production)
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Would you take a seat in Mr Lightwood's room, sir, while I look over our Appointment Book?' Young Blight made a great show of fetching from his desk a long thin manuscript volume with a brown paper cover, and running his finger down the day's appointments, murmuring, 'Mr Aggs, Mr Baggs, Mr Caggs, Mr Daggs, Mr Faggs, Mr Gaggs, Mr Boffin.
"Our results at Spa give us good momentum for Brands where hopefully we can continue our success," Fagg said.
Graham in particular revelled in the challenge, taking over from Fagg half way through the first race in 11th position after a good stint from his team-mate.
$ $ Elizabeth Sevior 21 Helen Aston 100 Julia Davis 10 Kaye Proudley 5 Daryl Akers 10 John Poppins 20 Brendan Murphy 50 A R Flack 5 Helen Handreck 21 Peter Fagg 20 Alan Reid 21 FNCV 200 Vict'n Ornithological Research Group 25 If you would like to contribute to this fund, which supports the Australian Natural History Medallion, donations should be sent to: The Treasurer, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, PO Box 13, Blackburn, Victoria 3130.
Jenny Fagg, executive vice-president, Products & Payments has received the Distinguished Payments Professional Award, and Gayle Murdoch, senior director, Payments New Business Development - Rising Star Award.
Claridge's nursing team includes two specialist nurses, Heather Fagg and Liz Davis.
Bank Mandiri (Persero); "Butadiene and synthetic rubber market outlook," Andrew Lee Fagg, Nexant Singapore; "Approaches to tire materials developments over the next decade: Sustainable materials and rubber industry," Yugo Zuigyo, Bridgestone; "Indonesia automotive outlook and its emergence as an automotive manufacturing hub," Eko Rudianto, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia; "Natural rubber: Strategies for sustainability in supply chain," Ashish Govil, Olam International Ltd.; "Development of on-purpose butadiene production," speaker to be announced; "Recent developments within the solution styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR) and neodymium polybutadiene rubber (NdBR) segments," Massimo Cialone, Lanxess Pte.
As Valecia McDowell, John Fagg, and Kimberly Cochran wrote in a June 2012 InsideCounsel column, some parties that enter into the agreements "find themselves forced to waive the attorney-client privilege, restructure their business, turn over work attorney product, pay hefty fines and carry out an array of other stipulations required by the prosecutor or enforcement division of a regulating agency."
Says Tony Fagg, a Key Account Manager at the Trelleborg, a marketing company for sealing solutions: "This application requires that the seals meet a combination of thermal and physical challenges.
“In these tough economic times, it's possible that the popularity of our website is due partly to parents seeking more affordable ways to employ a tutor,” said Henry Fagg, the website's director.