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FAGSFederation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Analysis Services (International Council for Science)
FAGSFellowship of Associated Gay Students & Straight Allies (California)
FAGSFederation of Astronomical & Geophysical Services
FAGSFellow of the American Geographic Society
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I have been going for a swim Because the Hip and Knee rule Out the Gym doing my best to Try and get fit, I have done what I am told yet still feel so old and Rough but I must carry on because Those fags are harmful and lethal Yes indeed in every single puff.
For years bootleg fags and tobacco has been on sale and every time the government puts up the price it is music to the bootleggers ears, too much tax just moves the market and every time you punish the smoker the more he or she will see the bootleggers as their mate, not their killer.
He loved a fag, did Johan, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather have had him in my side than a wholly average but nicotine-free Premier League player every day of the week.
It's her "look" which is all wrong because for someone who prides herself on being cool, openly tugging on a fag is not cool at all.
Thus begins Dude, You're a Fag, which has the accessible narrative tone of a coming-out novel but is actually an incisive, well-researched, fascinating ethnography of a year in the life of students at a suburban, working-class public high school in Northern California.
Charlotte Church - during her teenage years the singing sensation's liking for a crafty fag regularly led to punning tabloid headlines screaming 'vice of an angel'; good job then, in light of today's ban, that she's reportedly long-since given up.
Health professionals wanting to ban fags are not patronising the poor.
My fags give me comfort and steadied my nerves in moments of crisis.
Well, in the States most of the newest fag art--art deploying a fag sign system--is faux naive, boho, crunchy, Radical Faerie-ish, reeking of patchouli, crystal meth, astro-vividness, and (super yuck) collectivity.
DISAM welcomes command visits from unified command staff personnel and command sergeants major as these visits allow DISAM to familiarize key leaders with current issues in the security assistance community, leading to better utilization of FAG skills.
These women call themselves "fags" and talk knowledge about the best places to cruise for casual sex.