FAHSFrankfurt American High School (US DoD; Frankfurt, Germany)
FAHSFellow of the American Headache Society
FAHSFederation of American Hospitals (Washington, DC)
FAHSFederation of American Health Systems
FAHSFlorence Area Humane Society (Oregon)
FAHSFort Atkinson High School (Fort Atkinson, WI)
FAHSFinnish American Heritage Society (various locations)
FAHSFederation of Australian Historical Societies (Canberra, Australia)
FAHSFaculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (academics)
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"Fah! Here's more of this hateful soot hanging about," says he.
They said that French authorities did not inform their Lebanese counterparts of the arrest until Fahs' relatives in Paris reported him missing to French police.
Le communique ajoute que suite a des consultations avec le ministere public, 8 personnes appartenant a ce courant religieux extremiste ont ete arretees dans la ville du Fahs et des cocktails Molotov et une quantite importante d'Essence, des couteaux et des outils tranchants ont ete decouverts dans une mosquee situee dans cette region.
New books by Catherine Keyser and Alice Fahs add to the burgeoning field of scholarship on women's presence in the periodical marketplace of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Hani Fahs who came to Istanbul for a conference titled as "Arab Awakening and Peace in New Middle East", talked to Cihan News Agency about Assad regime and Iran's attitude towards Syria.
As Fahs explains, Newspaper women of that era emphasized new forms of selfhood centered around freedom and independence (even if that freedom was often a fantasy).
In hopes of shortening women's time to treatment, Pamela Stewart Fahs, professor and Decker Chair in Rural Nursing at Binghamton University's Decker School of Nursing, is collaborating with Melanie Kalman, associate professor and director of research, and Margaret Wells, assistant professor, in the College of Nursing at SUNY Upstate Medical University, on a project called "Matters of Your Heart."
"Out on Assignment: Newspaper Women and Making of Modern Public Space" Alice Fahs (University of North Carolina Press.
That is the question Fahs (women and gender studies, Arizona State U.) addresses.
Both "Miscegenation and Race: A Roundtable," in which scholars analyze Peggy Pascoe's book What Comes Naturally: Miscegenation Law and the Making of Race in America, and Breanne Fahs's article "Daddy's Little Girls: On the Perils of Chastity Clubs, Purity Balls, and Ritualized Abstinence" examine the social construction of gender and sexuality.
The 12 contributions presented by Morgan and Fahs (both of the Decker School of Nursing, State U.
This methodology has been used with great success in estimating the costs of occupational disease in American workers (Fahs et al.