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FAIDFinancial Aid (higher education)
FAIDFonds d'Aide Internationale au Développement (French: International Development Help Fund; Switzerland)
FAIDFrench-American Innovation Day (Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy)
FAIDFluorescent Assay Infectious Dose
FAIDFatigue Audit InterDyne (model; trademark of InterDynamics Pty Ltd)
FAIDFederazione Associazioni Imprese Distribuzione (Italian: Federation of Associations of Firms in Commercial Distribution)
FAIDFriends Against Irresponsible Development (Mountville, PA)
FAIDFree As in Destitute (xkcd forum)
FAIDFuel Assembly Integrity Device
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FAID is placed within Human Services under FCS due to the range of skills this industry requires, which are found across multiple clusters.
Faid was recaptured last week, three months after accomplices landed a hijacked helicopter in the yard of Reau prison, hacked their way into an adjacent visitor room with power-grinders to free him, and flew back out.
Faid's arrest was also confirmed by Gerard Collomb, the outgoing interior minister, whose resignation was accepted by President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday.
Faid has called himself a huge fan of gangster films, which he credits with teaching him how to pull off extravagant heists.
France's justice ministry said 46-year-old Faid's escape only took "a few minutes" and no-one was injured or taken hostage.
After picking up Faid, they landed in a field and sped off in a black Renault Megane.
According to the French Interior Ministry, two to three heavily armed men hijacked a helicopter and forced the pilot to fly to Reau Prison in Seine-et-Marne, near Paris, where Faid was lodged.
The escape came after an appeals court in April sentenced Faid to 25 years for masterminding a 2010 botched armed robbery, in which a policewoman was killed.
Ahmed Mubarak, Abdullah al-Hajjaji and Mohamed Faid Lamsemir found the net for Mesaimeer, while Hamza Younis was the lone scorer for Ahli.
As Dickson CJC concluded in R v Faid: "Where a killing has
Similarly, Hammoumi, Faid, Yachioui, and Amarouch (1998) found positive results when evaluated dried sardine by-product silage in poultry feed and stated that the diets tested yielded performance results similar to or better than those of the reference feed, indicating that the use of by-products from the fish industry may be an interesting alternative in feeding these birds, since as well as the results of this study, that is, levels of inclusion close to 5% can provide improvement in the nutritional quality of the diets, leading to optimization of performance results.
This experiment was established at Gamal Ahmed Farm, Faid city, Ismailia governorate, where fields were naturally infested with S.