FAIGFellow of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists
FAIGFootball Association Illkirch Graffenstaden (French football association)
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For an alternative way to make the distribution of asset holdings degenerate, see Lagos and Wright (2005) and Faig (2005).
"This is a transition that I have been planning with the board for some time," said Faig. "I am very pleased that we have recruited a leader of Brian's caliber to lead MedPlast forward.
Caption: Faig Ahmed, Bakira (Virgin), 2016, wool carpet, 118 1/8 x 59".
Today's auctions in Dubai are a lot different from those conducted 20 years ago, Faig and Ypeij say.
Es decir, la geometria interna de esta se puede determinar a partir de la relacion de dos o mas imagenes traslapadas sin requerimientos de control adicional (El-Habrouk, Li y Faig, 1996).
Commenting on the latest Dubai sale, Eduard Faig , Ritchie Bros' regional sales manager, said: "People from 71 countries registered for the auction, with buyers from as far away as Germany, Taiwan, and the United States participating in person or online in real time.
Faig, and also notes a piece discussing him by Joseph McInnis.
Faig J, Kalinyak J, Marcus R, Feldman D: Chronic atypical seizure disorder and cataracts due to delayed diagnosis of pseudohypoparathyroidism.
Uno de los cronistas parte efectivamente de dicha nota para arguir que su valor como "documental fotografico" se hizo explicito en la "descripcion representativa de un estado social, basado en el predominio, en el privilegio, en la subsistencia de un falso sentido del honor, a traves de una sociedad que no cambia" (Faig, 1945: 7).
Participation cost is one of the main financial causes for non-participation in the stock market (Haliassos and Bertaut 1995; Hong, Kubik Stein 2004; Heaton and Lucas 2000; Williamson 1994; Faig and Shum 2002).