FAIJFell Asleep in Jesus (monument inscription)
FAIJFonds d'Appui aux Initiatives des Jeunes (French: Fund to Support Youth Initiatives; Burkina Faso)
FAIJFonds d'Aide a l'Initiative des Jeunes (French: Help Fund Youth Initiative)
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(1.) Abu Faij Dowlah, Perestroika: An Inquiry into its Historical, Ideological and Intellectual Roots (Stockholm: Bethany Books, 1991), 204.
Tenders are invited for renewal of chak abdul khair/ chak abdul faij link road.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Checkdam Near Gandhar,Village-Gandhariya Faij, Block Saughat ,Distt.- Basti, Schems ( R.I.D.F.-20),Lot-4