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FAILFirst Attempt in Learning
FAILForget About It, Loser
FAILFlawlessly Ascending in Life
FAILForever Acquiring Important Lessons
FAILFirst Action In Learning
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"You mean, Henry, that you have failed?" For that was a word too familiar in New York not to be understood even by the ladies.
"If I fail?" He regarded her for a moment as though the thought she had uttered was unthinkable.
Moody Spurgeon still thinks he failed in history and Charlie says he failed in algebra.
Any man who fails to obey his new General will be promptly thrown away.
If anything strikes me in the meanwhile, the post is always at our service, and I won't fail to write to you."
"How can I?" asked the boy, "when all my attempts to save my dear uncle have failed?"
Elijah took heart of hope, though he was cast down again when Daylight failed to find another clump of willows.
My hand was on my friend's arm, but she failed for the moment, confronted with such an account of the matter, to respond to my pressure.
It was plain to me that La Cote Male Taile had failed to see the mistress of the house.
Only once he failed to seize the cabin-door handle at the first grab.
ABSORBED in herself, Mercy failed to notice the opening door or to hear the murmur of voices in the conservatory.
"So you have failed, Countess," her host said, knitting his grey brows at her.