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FAILINGFinding An Important Lesson Inviting Needed Growth
FAILINGFound Answers In Learning Improving Necessary Growth
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June 12, 2006: Two offences of failing to ensure a child attends school.
Hayley Radbourne, aged 20, of Adelaide Street, Hillfields, Coventry, two counts of failing to comply with a community order, community order extended by three months with supervision.
failing to label drums in the storage areas with the date when waste was first stored in them
They were not, however, subject to a specific penalty for failing to do so.
Some state education agencies have proven effective at intervening to improve failing schools, at least when the number of such schools has been kept at a manageable level.
She was given supervision and tuition after failing her first total patient care assessment in April 1999.
In the fifth consecutive year of failure, the governance of the failing school must be changed--for example, by converting it to a charter school, turning it over to a private management company, or having the state take it over.
They went with Kennedy's voucher compromise, which allowed students in failing schools to use federal money for private tutoring.
One can contemplate situations in which uninsured liabilities of failing institutions should be protected, or normal regulatory actions delayed, in the interest of macroeconomic stability.
Amanda Oliver, aged 45, of Barston Close, Longford, Coventry, was charged with failing to provide a specimen or specimens of breath, driving while disqualified and using a vehicle without insurance.
6707A(b) provides that the penalty for failing to include information on a reportable transaction (other than a listed transaction) is $10,000 for a natural person and $50,000 in any other case.