FAIMERFoundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
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Experience and training: Author 1: MPhil in HPE; Author 2: MPhil in HPE, FAIMER fellow; Author 4: MPhil in HPE, FAIMER fellow.
Out of the 89 PMDC-recognised medical colleges 88(99%) are listed on FAIMER International Medical Education Directory7 which makes Pakistani medical graduates eligible to pursue their careers abroad by taking foreign licensing examinations.
Summary of online discussion on non-scholastic abilities: Personnel communi-cation-through internet; July 2007 by the FAIMER 2007.
Hence as a part of the FAIMER (Foundation of advancement in International Medical education and research) project, an OSPE was introduced as a formal method of assessment for the first time in the first MBBS physiology 2nd semester since we believed that the OSPE is a standardised tool and has proved advantages over the traditional assessment method.
I am also thankful to FAIMER (Foundation of Advancement of Medical Education) faculty and colleagues for all their valuable inputs.