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FAINFuture Active IP (Internet Protocol) Networks
FAINFamily Advice and Information Network (UK)
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OEDIPUS I fain would hear it; that imports the most.
1) Ill it is, stranger, to awake Pain that long since has ceased to ache, And yet I fain would hear--
So pitying thine estate, Most ill-starred Oedipus, I fain would know What is the suit ye urge on me and Athens, Thou and the helpless maiden at thy side.
"There stands a tinker," quoth Robin, "that would fain take me to Nottingham, there to hang upon the gallows tree."
Fain am I to own thou art both a stouter and a slyer man than I; so I will obey thee and be thine own true servant."
It's a commitment and reminds us to be mindful, aware and present," Fain says.
"Symphony of the Seas is the latest example of how our people work to push the envelope of innovation with each new ship," said Fain. "The Oasis Class has been a trend-setting design, but the team has evolved the design to build on that success to provide even more incredible family adventures.
"Family time means more now than ever before," Fain said.
Fain pointed out that the commitment is a thank-you gesture to the 11,000 Filipinos in the RCL staff, the highest number of a single nationality working in the cruise liner.
Lots of hands shot up, and before long Fain had taken six groups of students to the gorge in Sutton.
Fain said she is concerned about not seeing the sunlight for the next 2-1/2 months.
Royal Caribbean chairman Richard Fain at shipyard in Papenberg, Germany said "We were determined to take the best advances in modern technology, turn them into shipboard 'wows' and take the frustration out of the vacation," he added.