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The FAIO established a link with the AI COORD within the JAGIC after the initial 48-72 hours of the exercise.
The FAIO was then able to conduct face-to-face engagements with the fire support coordinator (FSCOORD), deputy FSCOORD, fire support officer, JAGIC chief, and the targeting officers throughout the day and more importantly when the FAIO had specific information from the ACE that could affect the current operations.
The FAIO along with the JAGIC chief along with multiple JAGIC Air Force personnel, the ACE targeting section, the PED section, and other intelligence sections moved to the DIVARTY Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and assumed the dynamic targeting process.
During Warfighter 16-04 there were numerous instances when the ACE targeting analysts began the vetting and validation process without the FAIO or ITO present.
The FAIO had to set time aside during the deliver phase for the refinements of those targets nominated, approved, and tasked on the air tasking order (ATO) for close air support and air interdiction at the 48 hours and 24 hours prior to ATO day as well as those priority targets eight hours and four hours prior to mission time.
The FAIO continued to nominate dynamic targets during the detect and deliver phase of the targeting process and remains heavily involved with the intelligence collection efforts in the ACE ensuring that those "shiny objects" do not interrupt and divert the collection priorities set forth by the commander.
If the desired effects were not achieved the FAIO in conjunction with the JAGIC can make recommendations to the commander for a reattack of the target.