FAIPFor All Intents and Purposes
FAIPFormateur Accompagnateur en Insertion Professionnelle (French: Accompanying Trainer in Professional Insertion)
FAIPFoundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention (Fenton, MI)
FAIPFestival d'Art International de Parisot (French: International Art Festival of Parisot)
FAIPFarm Animal Industrial Platform (EU)
FAIPFederazione Associazioni Italiane Paraplegici (Italian: Federation of Italian Paraplegic Associations)
FAIPFirst Assignment Instructor Pilot
FAIPFellow of the Australian Institute of Physics (Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
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"Estamos buscando la forma en que se pueda reactivar el FAIP para este ano, aun el fideicomiso mantiene recursos en caja o en bolsa, pero definitivamente para nosotros seria factible que si ya desaparecieron los otros fondos, la idea seria retomar este fideicomiso con una inversion minima de 10 mil millones, eso podria resarcir lo que no se pudo hacer en 2016".
Teodora Amoloza, a Filipino-American professor of sociology and director of the FAIP, accompanied and introduced the students to the consul.
* ANCORE (Associazione Nazionale Counselor Relazionale [National Association of Relational Counselors]) is a small association affiliated with FAIP that accepts as members only university graduates (www.ancore.net).
A new and promising assessment instrument is the FAIP. The FAIP is a computerized indirect assessment tool that allows the practitioner or teacher to answer questions in interview form that will subsequently create a profile of the child, his or her deficits, and the maintaining antecedent or consequential events.
Standardization of the functional assessment and intervention program (FAIP) with children who have externalizing behaviors.
In its fight to "wipe out" aquatic accidents, FAIP will concentrate on the following goals:
* Networking with other organizations whose services can benefit FAIP members--i.e., the National Safety Council, the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, the American Red Cross, and the YMCA.
The FAIP Web site includes articles such as "Myths of Diving" and "Myths of Drowning," the "Diving is Deadly" brochure, ANSI-approved No Diving signs, and numerous other stories on drowning prevention as well as diving.
Thanks to funding through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, delivered through the Farm Adaptation Innovator Program (FAIP), 10 new applied research projects will explore solutions to climate change-related challenges facing agricultural commodities across B.C.
Contract awarded for Adq.Sist.Iluminacion And Gps - Entomology Faip 72