FAIRAFederal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996
FAIRAFoundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action
FAIRAFire Agencies Insurance Risk Authority (est. 1988; California and Nevada)
FAIRAFederal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998
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FAIRA published LRQ and general manager Les Malezer (4 March 2005, personal interview) saw his role as 'driving the [land rights] process'.
"We've already begun to plan for next year's faira among the things we hope to put in place is to professionalise our Creativity Corner by having more workshops for children, young adults and even parents."
FAIRA combined several conservation programs under ECARP.
si la fleche, plus fluide, partait plus souvent; et d'apres cela moins d'episodes--et reversiblement episodes terribles efforts violens, si la fleche trop nourrie par son trop long sejour, est oblige de dechirer le carquois en le traversant-- And we then get the even more striking rifle metaphor where Sade asks us to imagine a rifle with a bullet that grows larger in the firing chamber the longer it is not fired, until finally "elle faira crever le canon" (OEuvres 12, 449-50).
Each day began with a meeting to vote whether to march or not and ended either at the courts or at FAIRA, the central planning office.
Our project had its genesis in the early 1990s, when Aboriginal cultural heritage researchers from the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action (FAIRA), established in Brisbane in 1977, advocated for a 'land rights history' project, drawing upon their own extensive and largely uncatalogued archives.