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FAISFinancial Advisory and Intermediary Services (Act, South Africa)
FAISFabric Application Interface Standard
FAISFabric Application Interface Standard (storage technology)
FAISFederation of African Immunological Societies
FAISFrench American International School (Portland, OR)
FAISFinnish Artificial Intelligence Society
FAISFactory Automation Interconnection System
FAISFederazione Associazioni Incontinenti e Stomizzati (Italia)
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The laws around FAIs should be changed so those responsible are properly held accountable and families can access the justice they need and deserve.
Menard is one of the key initiators of Je fais MTL.
Patients regardless of age and gender sustaining FAIs at ENT, head and neck regions were included.
The documentary was the brainchild of aspiring filmmakers A K BijuRaj, Anish Abubakr, Sami Said Ali and Fais Umer.
Ensuite je fais le suivi de l'acces entant en etroite relation avec le chirurgien vasculaire et le radiologiste interventionnel et bien entendu lorsque le patient se retrouve en hemodialyse je vois a ce que l'acces demeure toujours fonctionnel.
On Dr Ghulam Nabi Fais arrest in the United States, he said, It shows double standard of the US towards Kashmir.
He has his own favourite faiS ry tale Snow white and the seven dwarfs too, He knows all their names off by heart He's absolutely brilliant and he's only two
There were also prizes for the horse of the year with Al Khalidiah Fais Moi Rire managing 232 points to win first place.
Diricx also came fourth in the Senior B class astride Al Khalidiah Pascal, with stable companion Sayed Adnan Al Alawi on Al Khalidiah Fais Moi Rire coming in third.
International FAIs are the only way to make sure that the deaths of Scottish people get investigated properly.
Judge David Fais of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas issued a permanent injunction on the diversion of tobacco settlement funds and ordered they must be used as intended--to pay for programs designed to keep kids from smoking and to help smokers quit.