FAKUIFederasi Awak Kabin Udara Indonesia (Indonesian: Federation of Air Indonesia Cabin Crew; Indonesia)
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Sato was very enthusiastic about the prospect of making their Guangzhou-based regime enjoy predominant influence in a "new central government." Wang whetted Japanese hopes by claiming that his wife had been meeting with Zhang Fakui [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (a powerful Guangdongese general who had used his troops to help Wang Jingwei establish his Guangzhou-based anti-Chiang government in 1931) in Hong Kong and that Zhang had displayed great interest in Wang's plan (Ibid., 392-393; Bunker 1973, 171-172; Boyle 1972, 250).
Worse still, on 16 August, Zhang Fakui, along with other Guangdongese generals issued a circular telegram denouncing Wang and his scheme.
(16) Under the sponsorship of Zhang Fakui, a Guomindang (GMD) general, Ho reluctantly worked with Vietnamese nationalist groups in southern China to form a similar front, but this amounted to little.