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FALCONFederal and Local Cops Organized Nationally
FALCONForce Application and Launch from the Continental United States
FALCONForward Area Language Converter (SYSTRAN)
FALCONFlint Area Library Cooperative Online Network (Flint, MI)
FALCONFuzzy Algorithms for Control
FALCONFrequency Agile Laser for Configurable Optical Networks
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The practice of releasing falcons in their natural habitat was initiated by the late Shaikh Zayed himself in 1995 and since then has been titled the Shaikh Zayed Falcon Release Programme.
As a Falcon ASC, Air Alsie will provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the top-of-the-line Falcon 7X, the Falcon 2000 and the whole Falcon 2000 EASy family, including the DX, the LX and the newly certified Falcon 2000S.
The Falcon Souq sells falcons as well as hoods for the falcons and materials used in training and keeping them.
Falcon customers will experience a further increase in the level of Falcon maintenance experience in China, said Kathy Liu, Director, Asia Region Customer Service.
I think all birds are fascinating, but the falcon is what really gets me.
Now, 30 years of scientific research and controlled breeding have saved the peregrine falcon from the brink of extinction.
That's how the Peregrine Falcon Release Program got started.
9) A Nietzschean superman whose cabin door is shot through by "three bullet holes" (26) - perhaps symbolic of the three investors for whom Falcon is a hired gun - Falcon serves as a "mental construct" of the "species of world conquerors [who] thrive upon .
The falcons' rehabilitation and freeing is part of the annual Shaikh Zayed Falcon Release programme, established by the late Shaikh Zayed in 1995.
With a signal from Suffredini, the falcon zooms into the sky in search of scavengers as bulldozers cover the 3,000 tons of trash dumped each day at the Simi Valley Landfill.