FALJFederal Administrative Law Judge
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Davidson FALJ. In: The matter of enrofloxacin for poultry: withdrawal of approval of Bayer Corporation's new animal drug application 1 (NADA) 140-828 (Baytril).
They were the people of [Shu.sup.[subset]]ayb, who disbelieved, and while they were standing around a well, it collapsed and they and their houses were swallowed up; or al-Rass was a village in Falj al-Yamamah, in north-eastern Arabia, where the remnants of Thamud dwelt; or it is the famous Trench (al-Ukhdud) of Surah 85:4; or a well in Antioch, where the holy man Habib al-Najjar was put to death; or they were the people of Hanzalah b.
The operation carried out through an action plan focusing on the most affected areas such as Towayya, Falj Hazaa, Al Jimi, Al Massoudi, Shiaab Al Ashkar and the adjacent districts.