FALLIFremont Area Lifelong Learning Institute (Fremont, NE)
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Moreover, this etymology is not even semantically satisfying, as fallehit 'attack' is a causative derivative of fallet 'jump up, leap up', which in turn is a derivative of falli fast (runner, skier, etc.).
Haec autem non potest esse ex ea parte, quae potest falli, vel ex ea luce, quae potest obscurari.
Nam vulgo quoque laudatoribus nostris dicimus, falli quod ament.
It is a real struggle to save enough money and meet my family's needs." Nabeeh Falli, from Eritrea, may have the answer to some of his counterparts' problems during summer.
(65) Qui ubique semper videt, et odit omne quod fictum est (SEDULIO, Colossenses: 230A); Id est, non duplici animo, neque mala voluntate (HAIMO, Colossenses: 763A); Qui ubique semper videt, et odit onmem simulationem: humanus enim oculus falli potest (ATTO, Colossenses: 637C-D).
<p>Ominously, it is not just consumers that falli victim; corporations and government organizations are often the subject of highly targeted "spear phishing" campaigns designed to shake loose financial and other sensitive information.<p>Phishing is a form of social engineering in which attackers send e-mails made to look like legitimate correspondence from reputable institutions and even trusted individuals from within an organization.
Rhizophoraceae Ataxia falli Breuning 1961) Baryssinus leguminicola Enterolobium sp.
Nicola from Girls Aloud had a lucky escape after a fallI only buy designer clothes.