FALMFree Access to Law Movement
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Cooperation between the thirteen LIIs and FALM members that collaborate in the provision of WorldLII [80] has resulted in their joint provision of nearly 900 databases from over 100 countries, searchable from one location.
91] None of them are members of the FALM yet, nor have they yet been invited to join.
95] FALM membership is slowly expanding, and in 2008 its new members were Juridicas [96] (UNAM, Autonomous University of Mexico), the Thai Law Reform Commission, IIjusticia (Argentina), Droit.
The geographical scope of FALM membership is nevertheless far more limited than the spread of free access to law as an idea and a reality, being concentrated on the Anglophone and Commonwealth countries, the francophonie, and parts of Asia.
Most FALM members would be likely to reject Jon Bing's argument in favour of state run legal information services that only provide a limited amount of free access.