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FALUFood Aid Liaison Unit (UN World Food Program)
FALUFloating-Point Arithmetic Logic Unit
FALUFellow of the Academy of Life Underwriting (insurance)
FALUFlorida Association of Life Underwriters (now Florida Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors)
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Zhongguo falu fazhan baogao: Shujuku yu zhibiao tixi [A report on China's legal development: Data and index system].
Falu posts lists of candidates who voted for the RH Law in 2012, asking prolifers not to vote for them.
Kicking off the first Dreamz segment this Saturday and set the mood appearances and performance by NYC born R&B artist, Barsheem featuring his single "Find Happy" a song of racial unity, and Hip Hop Tropical artist, Deecoy and his hot Latin tune "Oye Como Suena." Both these artists have signed a major digital distribution deal provided by Falu Enterprises/EMG exclusively via INgrooves Global Network.
The latest high-profile arrest was that of Mosaddek Ali Falu, the chairman of private station Ntv, who was seen being driven away by police soon after leaving Zia's office on Sunday night.
Miller examines the black community's diverse reaction to Don Imus's "nappy-headed ho's" statement; Roger Sneed advances the concept of liminality in his investigation of black queer life; Nessette Falu considers black lesbian identity as it is depicted in academia, film, and postmodern theory; and EL Komegay Jr.
De Aza singled with one out and managed to advance on a grounder hit in front of him to second baseman Irving Falu. De Aza back-pedaled toward first, and when Falu decided to get the sure out at first, De Aza made it to second safely.
Fues i'n palu a thyrchu fy Nagrau Solomon, fy mheli mawr glas ( byth yn cofio'r enw), fy mhabi coch, fy rhosod mynydd ac ati ac ati nes i nghefn i sgrechian a'r fforch falu (un newydd sbon!
"When I first showed it to my teachers, none of them thought the formula I had written down really worked," Altoumaimi told the Falu Kuriren newspaper.
(8.) See Zuigao renmin fayuan guanyu shenli shangpinfang maimai hetong jiufen anjian shiyong falu ruogan wenti [Supreme People's Court Explanation of Several Questions Regarding the Applicable Law in the Adjudication of Disputes over Purchase and Sale Contracts for Commodity Housing] (issued Apr.
The study, and the entire collection of folk music, were published sixty years later as Egy felvideki falu zenei vilaga - The Musical World of a Hungarian Village - Aj, 1940 (Budapest: Planetas Kiado, 2000).