FAMEXFonds d'Accés aux Marchés d'Exportation
FAMEXFamily Expenditures (Canada)
FAMEXFamiliarization Exercise
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That was when I was charged with launching FAMEX, the Export Market Access Fund.
An ideas box, because I find many interesting themes in it, which I use from time to time in my FAMEX clubs.
Are there similar organizations to FAMEX in other countries?
The FAMEX definition of income differs slightly from, for example, the Survey of Consumer Finance definition.
The household head is defined in the FAMEX data as the individual answering the survey unless (1) the reference individual had an income before tax less than $11,000 and the spouse had an income greater than 1.
Specifically, categorical matching is used to add FAMEX data, UI data, and Green Book income data for high-income recipients to the SPSD.
The match using FAMEX data is principally designed to support the modeling of commodity tax incidence at the household level.
Although a number of conceptual differences still remain between FAMEX and the system of national accounts on which the input-output tables are based, the SPSD and the national accounts household sector aggregate expenditure estimates for 1984 are reasonably close (see Adler and Wolfson 1988).
The FAMEX surveys provide considerable detail in terms of expenditure categories.
To set the stage for the subsequent analysis, we begin by taking a quick look at the budget patterns of older households, based simply on the all-Canada percentages spent on the 10 expenditure categories averaged over all six of the FAMEX surveys from which our data are drawn.
The instrument for analyzing the expenditure patterns of older households is a variant of the AIDS model fitted to the observed regional and age group means from the six FAMEX surveys, representing a total of 180 group observations.
The Prime Minister noted that emphasis will be laid, in the next five-year period, on improving competitiveness of the Tunisian product and setting up of the FAMEX II (Fund of Access to External Markets) dedicated to help local products adjust to foreign customers' requirements.