FAMHFoederatio Analyticorum Medicinalium Helveticorum (Swiss Medical Analysts Association)
FAMHFinnish Association for Mental Health
FAMHFriends and Advocates for Mental Health (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill; New York)
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Consequently, the mapping families DS1, DS2, FamD, FamH, FamI, and FamJ were genotyped on a 192-plex GoldenGate assay that contained an additional 186 in silico SNPs and 6 control SNPs (Du Plessis 2012).
On the contrary, families (FamD, FamH, FamI, and FamJ) that were screened exclusively using the fewer number of biallelic SNP markers demonstrated fewer linkage groups.
Family Female Male Location Offspring parent parent (n) 7B F462 M342 Roman Bay 101 42A F64 M18 HIK 105 DS1 F617 M342 Roman Bay 103 DS2 F462 M456 Roman Bay 104 DS5 88 W06 HIK 93 DS6 D06 V06 HIK 94 FamD A22 B21 Abagold 72 FamH A35 B43 Abagold 71 FamI A17 B25 Abagold 81 FamJ A24 B28 Abagold 72 TABLE 2.