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FAMIFellow of the Australian Marketing Institute
FAMIFat Autograft Muscle Injection (procedure)
FAMIFellow of the Association for Music and Imagery
FAMIFarmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Co. (McPherson, KS)
FAMIFoothills Acoustic Music Institute (Canada)
FAMIFederation of Asia Motorcycle Industries
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What has made this project such a challenge for FAMI is the carrier decided in 2006 to begin an enterprisewide hunt for products to replace the claims, billing, and policy admin systems.
Total quantity or scope: Banking services for financial management of projects / programs of national FAMI (the Asylum, migration and integration) and FSI (ISF) Funded Grant affairs managed by MAI.
We're proud that FAMI selected OneShield as its partner and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the FAMI team," said Heather Peacock, Senior Vice President of Sales and Client Services at OneShield.
The two teams have worked closely and effectively to deliver a robust integration of our two systems, one that will benefit FAMI and all future customers," he remarked.
FAMI was honored with the firm's premiere global award, "Celent Model Carrier of the Year," in 2009 for its iFAMI end-to-end system replacement that the researchers found "most exemplifies IT best practices and measurable business results.