FAMISFEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Audit Management Information System
FAMISFinancial Accounting and Management Information System
FAMISFinancial and Management Information System
FAMISFamily Assistance Management Information Systems
FAMISFacilities Asset Management Information System
FAMISForeign Affairs Management Information System
FAMISFleet Automated Messaging Information System
FAMISFleet Accounting Management Information System (McCulloch & Associates Air Cushion Industries Ltd. system)
FAMISFinest At Manufacturing, Innovation, and Service (Famis Manufacturing, Inc.; Green Bay, WI)
FAMISFinance and Access Managememt Information System (Sprint)
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We are celebrating an important milestone in the Commonwealths history, as FAMIS has provided more than 630,000 children in Virginia with health insurance over the past fifteen years, said Governor McAuliffe, speaking at todays event.
Since 2001 over 630,000 children have received health insurance through the FAMIS program.
Emphasizing the real-life impact of FAMIS on families, Dr.
ability to migrate to future versions of FAMIS, including FAMIS cloud.
? APis for Accruent FAMIS Xi product line to support features that include:
? Ability to migrate to future versions of FAMIS including FAMIS Cloud
Eritrea s export to COMESA accounted to over four million dollars in 2008, and Eritrea actively participates in the Food and Agriculture Marketing Information System (FAMIS) activities and has benefited from the training of data collection consultants and FAMIS administrators.