FAMLFaysal Asset Management Limited (est. 2003)
FAMLFédération des Amis de la Morale Laïque (French: Federation of Friends of Secular Morality; Belgium)
FAMLFisheries and Mariculture Laboratory (University of Texas)
FAMLFoothills Asset Management Ltd. (Scottsdale, AZ)
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Assets are largely deployed in liquid avenues, which have facilitated FAML in meeting redemption requests in times of high liquidity pressure.
3 billion) with market share of FAML declining slightly to 1.
Management team at FAML has been strengthened and vacancies have been largely filled with the appointment of qualified resources.
A mobile learning system using the FAML strategy was developed to conduct the local cultural learning activity with wireless networks and mobile devices, as shown in Figure 3.
The FAML strategy originated from the idea of the web-based assessment and test analysis system (WATA), which is an evaluative strategy with three characteristics, including repeated answering, non-answer provision, and immediate feedback (Wang, Wang, Wang, Huang, & Chen, 2004).