FAMMFull Array Memory Mirroring
FAMMFédération des Associations Mycologiques Méditerranéennes (French: Mediterranean Mycological Federation of Associations)
FAMMFuel and Marine Marketing (now Chevron Global Marine Products; ChevronTexaco)
FAMMFédération des Associations Mahoraises de Métropole (French: Metropolis of Mahorian Federation of Associations)
FAMMFestival d'Albières des Musiques du Monde (French music festival)
FAMMFinancial and Accounting Methods Manual
FAMMFluorescence Alteration of Multiple Macerals (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Australia)
FAMMFamiles against Mandatory Minimums
FAMMFacial Artery Musculo-Mucosal Flap
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"It's cruel and wasteful to continue to incarcerate people who no longer pose a threat to our society," Mary Price, general counsel at FAMM, said in a statement.
(78) Reforming the Guidelines for Drug Offenses: "All Drugs Minus Two ", FAMM, http://famm.org/projects/federal/u-s-sentencing-commission/reforming-the-guidelines-fordrug-offenses/ (last visited Nov.
GSK's Kris Famm, who helped lead the research, said: "I hope in 10 years, if you or I had diabetes, we could go to the doctor and they would introduce this sort of device on to the nerve that controls that balance.
7N440, "Colonial Fonnsagrives to General Famm," November 1916.
In this presentation we share our experience with the use of the facial artery muscular mucosa flap in the management of the nasopharyngeal stenosis (FAMM) at the Kenyatta National Hospital, a tertiary facility in Kenya.
"Unlike other groups researching neural systems, we are focusing on the 'information-carrying' signals in different neural circuits and how we can both read and modulate them," says Kristoffer Famm, head of bioelectronics research at GSK.
On display will be the FAMM HS fully automatic mounting machine with carousel, which is designed to mount (in one sequence) eight cylinders or sleeves with flexo printing plates in the correct positions.
(136.) See Wallace, supra note 21, at 9 (explaining how mandatory minimums were criticized for "treat[ing] casual violators as severely as they treat hardened criminals" without providing the expected reduction in drug violations); FAMM, supra note 133, at 5.
Families Against Mandatory Minimums ("FAMM") is a nonprofit organization that fights for "fair and proportionate sentencing." Massachusetts, supra.
FAMM: From food to meal research on the product aspect of the meal experience.
The results of in vivo studies have shown that rodent models of CAD in which hyperlipidaemia has been induced are associated with enhanced oxidative stress as reflected by the increased 8-isoprostane levels (Roberts and Morrow, 2000; Rokach et al., 1997; Famm and Morrow, 2003; Davi, Falco, Patrono, 2004).