FAMPFédération des Amicales des Médecins de Paris (French: Federation Fellowships of Doctors of Paris; Paris, France)
FAMPFederal Average Manufacturer Price
FAMPFormations Achats Marchés Publics (French: Purchasing Procurement Training)
FAMPFlorida Association of Mortgage Professionals
FAMPFoundation Award in Management Principles
FAMPFaster And More Powerful :-)
FAMPFacility Acquisition Management Plan
FAMPFacilities Annual Management Plan
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Los ayuntamientos que forman parte del Programa Ciudad 21 pertenecen a la FAMP y a la RECSA, entre otras.
Through the partnership, MyCapitalAccess supplies FAMP members who join the financier network with the training, marketing and sales tools needed to work with small businesses.
By partnering with MyCapitalAccess, we provide our members with the tools and training needed to diversify their income options," said Frank Cicione, executive director of FAMP.