FAMRIFlight Attendant Medical Research Institute
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One, Olivia Chambers, was represented by Hunter and received a letter from him two months after the FAMRI petition was filed asking for permission for him to proceed.
Raiti Waemess noted she was one of Gerson's clients and claimed when she objected to the FAMRI action, he withdrew as her counsel.
That attorney also said all of his flight attendant cases had been gone over by one of the attorneys joining with Hunter and Gerson in the FAMRI action.
Hunter and Gerson submitted affidavits saying they had no conflicts, and Hunter said any conflict he had was resolved when he withdrew from representing Blissard and Chambers, and said he had never received any confidential information about Young and Blissard's activities with FAMRI.
Blissard said he had never sought FAMRI funding for the individual suits, and he had only filed Waemess' suit at the request of another counsel because of statute of limitations issues.
Polston concluded, "The conflict of interest in this case existed long before Gerson and Hunter undertook the litigation against FAMRI and should have been apparent to both Gerson and Hunter.
It existed for Hunter, he said, when the idea of suing FAMRI was raised, because his client Blissard was on the FAMRI board and such a suit was adverse to her interests.
T]he record establishes that Hunter did not even seek out Blissard's consent; rather, she independently learned of the plan to file a petition against FAMRI and contacted Hunter directly to express her objections," Polston wrote.
FAMRI has developed this award program on an institutional basis, striving for comprehensive research plans, including the entire range of research endeavors from basic to clinical research, as well as community outreach.
FAMRI does not support individuals who or institutions that are currently receiving funds from the tobacco industry or its affiliates.