FAMTFamily Actual Means Test (Australia)
FAMTFatty Acid Methyltransferase (bacteria)
FAMTFace Amount (debt instrument)
FAMTFédération des Associations de Musique Traditionnelle (French: Federation of Associations of Traditional Music)
FAMTFully Automated Machine Translation (computing)
FAMTFinolex Academy of Management and Technology (Mumbai University)
FAMTFlorida Association for Music Therapy (est. 1979)
FAMTFrazer Amiss Memorial Trust (FAMT Underwater Search and Recovery Unit; UK)
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Contamination by FAMT was relatively high mainly in Oran farm with mean value of 117 x [10.
In conclusion, the results of this study highlight the poor microbiological and sanitary quality of sheep milk in western of Algeria, the data revealed a variety in the pH and acidity of milks, low detection of antimicrobial residue and a high count of FAMT, coliforms bacteria, E coli, enterobacteriaceae and staphylococci.
The HUD release announcing the settlement with FAMT noted that during the current fiscal year alone, the MRB has imposed 19 administrative sanctions against lenders, including reprimands, probations, suspensions, withdrawals of approval and civil money penalties.