FAMUFlorida Agricultural and Mechanical University
FAMUFederación Argentina de Mujeres Universitarias (Spanish)
FAMUFault Alarm Monitor Unit
FAMUFleet Aircraft Maintenance Unit (US Navy)
FAMUFederation of Australian Maritime Unions
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Jointly hosted by FAMU, FSU and TCC, Discovery on Parade offers a unique preview of discoveries, inventions and innovations making their way from classrooms and laboratories out into the wider world.
Joyner (D-Tampa) who earned a bachelor's degree in political science and a juris doctor degree from Florida A&M University; and while attending FAMU, she was arrested twice during protests to desegregate Tallahassee movie theatres.
Professor Ann Marie Cavazos, director of the Legal Clinics at FAMU, said she was proud of the program.
Also, at FAMU, I was politically engaged, and I was also arrested and sentenced.
Our first project with Siemens gave us the opportunity to see first hand the financial and operational effectiveness of performance contracting," said FAMU President James H.
This is a great day for FAMU and the state of Florida," Ammons said.
Today, in addition to being a Technical Fellow at Boeing, where I work to develop electric power system technologies for aircraft, I am our company's executive focal to FAMU and have the privilege of interacting with the students there and encouraging them in their studies.
In response, the Florida Board of Governors created the Task Force on FAMU Finance and Operational Control Issues.
Ammons, who has served as the chancellor of North Carolina Central University in Durham for six years, is a former FAMU provost and an alumnus.
Through its Institute on Urban Policy and Commerce, FAMU has hosted statewide CDC conferences for the past four years.
She also served as President of the FAMU Faculty Senate, the first time a woman held the elected position at the University, and President of the Florida Communication Association (FCA), the first time an African American served in the position.
Sears will provide a grant of $260,000 to cover the initial operating expenses and the design, installation and equipment needed to establish a state-of-the-art technology laboratory which will be housed in the FAMU College of Engineering Sciences, Technology & Agriculture (CESTA).