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FANCGFanconi Anemia, Complementation Group G
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The initial study carried out in 2000 found that FANCA individuals with homozygous null mutations had a higher frequency of somatic anomalies than individuals with FANCC mutations, but a similar frequency to those with FANCG mutations.
Haematological consequences of a FANCG founder mutation in black South African Patients with Fanconi anaemia.
637643delTACCGCC) in the FANCG gene has been found in the homozygous state in 77.
To undertake molecular testing to identify the second FA-causing mutation in patients who were heterozygous for the founder mutation in the FANCG gene, as well as to determine whether or not other FANCG founder mutations exist in this population.
DNA sequence analysis for all 14 exons of the FANCG gene, using the ABI3130xl genetic analyser (Applied Biosystems), was undertaken.