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FANDFirst American Nationwide Documents (Denver, CO)
FANDForeign Affairs and National Defense
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I suppose this is our equivalent of a cup final fand it would be great to win.
Tintagel and The Garden of Fand are familiar enough explorations of light and space, but many of his lesser known orchestral and chamber works resonate with echoes of Debussy and his followers.
Emer, his widow, to whom he had returned after being seduced by Fand, the wife of the sea god Mananaan, throws herself into his grave and dies.
Hodel is considered an advocate of energy resource development, both on federal lands fand offshore.
In this directory, billed as the first of its kind, Information USA lists fand describes more than 3,000 Federal data bases and files, from Acid Rain (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) to World Population (Census Bureau) and includes many Bureau of Labor Statistics series.
Bands and singers include Phil Gas a'i Fand, Patrobas, Banda Bacana and Meinir Gwilym.
FAnd when you see what this lot get up to, you'll feel positively old and boring, and maybe even a tad lazy.
Mae Heledd Gwynant, 17 oed, yn chwarae offerynnau taro gyda Band Tref Tredegar tra bod ei mam Mair yn chwarae offerynnau taro i Fand Dinas Caerdydd (Melingriffith) a'i thad Alan yn canu'r cornet yn yr un band.
I DONT GIVE A f***" fAnd Steph French wrote: "Thought I got an offer from Stirling Uni but naw - just a merry f*** Christmas email.
tion system chosen is specially designed for mortuaries al parlours with confined tion system chosen is specially designed for mortuaries al parlours with confined The refrigeration system cspecially designed fand funeral parlours pace.
Pictures by IAN McINTYRE CART: Daisy Ruddy, Daniel Franks and Lydia Thompson-Jones RACE: Ben Malbon and Charlie Bright DIG DEEP: Dominic Maltby and Charlie Bright play in the sand, above, and Heidi Hoffmann inside, left GREAT FUN: Lennon Tait, above, and Alex Haber, left, have a good time in their nursery class SPEED MACHINES: Sam Malbon plays policeman, left, while Matthew Wood has fun, above OUTDOOR PLAY: Violet Richardson helps with the DIY, above, and Ewan Fand tries out the stilts, right
Ar Y Lle heno bydd Garmon a Tomos yn wynebu sialens Nadoligaidd; awn am dro hefo''r gyrrwr rali Osian Pryce, a chawn gerddoriaeth gan fand o Gaernarfon, Y Saethau.