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FANEFédération Acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (Canada)
FANEFinancial Aid Need Estimator (ACT)
FANEFacilitating Agreement North East (UK; disagreement resolution)
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Mallock's characterization identifies Fane with the popular Sapphic, suffering poetess tradition born during the 1820s and 1830s, most often linked to the careers of Letitia Elizabeth Landon (L.
If the deal is approved by the OFT, Dale Farm - a subsidiary of United Dairy Farmers - will gain Fane Valley's customer base.
Fane Valley Chairman Mr William McConnell told Feedinfo News Service that the new feed mill represents the culmination of a six year development and construction project.
On her death in 1857, Jane Saunders bequeathed her Island property to her daughter, Georgiana Fane, "set[ting] the stage for Georgiana to assume a role as one of the most articulate, strong-willed Prince Edward Island landlords of the second half of the nineteenth century.
This is the first IPO we have done in Saudi Arabia," Fane said, declining to give details on other issues his company is currently working on in the Middle East.
During one of London's countless high society gatherings, Kitty meets dull bacteriologist Walter Fane (Ed Norton), who makes his amorous intentions clear.
Edward Norton is buttoned-up Dr Walter Fane, for whom it's love at first sight when he meets Kitty (Watts) in London - not that he can express it.
Kitty Fane marries a devoted and well-respected medical researcher she neither likes nor loves, and they settle in Hong Kong.
of North Carolina at Greensboro) focuses on the period of 1814, which marks the end of the Napoleonic era, to 1930 when John Fane, Lord Burgeresh (1784-1859) was called back to London.
Joshna Pattni, Maria Hartigan (Shakepeares), Claire Barry (Liquidity), Claire McGinnity (Shakespeares), Sarah Fane (Children Service Manager NSPCC; Janine Miller (NSPCC) Peter Gwillian (Venatus) with the cheque for pounds 3,000 raised by his company; Colin White (Ortus), David Smeeton and Ian Cornock (Colliers CRE), Martyn Hugh (Sertec; Far left, David Totney (Liquidity), Sally Jones (Hammonds), Dawn Roberts (Headline); left, Steve Fitzgerald (Business in the Community), Dr Christine Kenrick (Wellconstruct), Lee Jones (Davis Langdon), Richard Haywood (Wragge & Co); right, Bharat Paltni (Bentley Jennison), Lydia Warrilow (NSPCC), and Jonathan Lander (PricewaterhouseCoopers
Fishermen in Louth and Meath, who are concerned about dwindling stocks in the River Fane, which flows into Dundalk Bay, and the River Boyne, are initiating the Euro-wide campaign.
Tom Cain's essay on the trimming Royalist Mildmay Fane amply fulfills its promise, as does Alan Rudrum's similarly focused look at Henry Vaughan's reflections on his Breconshire royalist neighbors.