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FANGFacebook, Apple, Netflix, Google (various companies)
FANGFlint Area Narcotics Group (Flint, Michigan)
FANGFlorida Air National Guard
FANGFood, Agriculture and Nutrition Group (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
FANGFeminists Against Neanderthal Guys
FANGFlorida Army National Guard
FANGFMS (Flight Management System) ATM (Air Traffic Management) Next Generation (US FAA)
FANGFeminizing Adrenal Neoplastic Gland
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Fang was at that moment perusing a leading article in a newspaper of the morning, adverting to some recent decision of his, and commending him, for the three hundred and fiftieth time, to the special and particular notice of the Secretary of State for the Home Department.
Fang, tossing the card contemptuously away with the newspaper.
Fang, throwing the paper on one side, 'what's this fellow charged with?
Now,' said Fang, 'what's the charge against this boy?
His jaws let go their grip, and he leaped backward to escape this strange danger, his lips drawn back from his fangs, his throat snarling, every hair bristling with rage and fright.
She sank her fangs into her mate's shoulder in reproof; and he, frightened, unaware of what constituted this new onslaught, struck back ferociously and in still greater fright, ripping down the side of the she-wolf's muzzle.
The tip of his tawny tail moved in spasmodic little jerks; his lower jaw hung low, exposing a red tongue and yellow fangs.
Along his scalp the hair bristled: his upper lip drew back that his fighting fangs might be uncovered and ready.
Several other bulls, growling and barking, closed in toward the clearing, but they were all much farther from the balu and the panther than was Tarzan of the Apes, so it was that Sheeta and the ape-man reached Teeka's little one almost simultaneously; and there they stood, one upon either side of it, baring their fangs and snarling at each other over the little creature.
us strode hastily down the forest glade, driving before him, with the assistance of Fangs, the whole herd of his inharmonious charge.
This it was which saved him from death beneath the iron muscles and tearing fangs of Terkoz.
But so far the young Englishman had been able to keep those horrible fangs from his jugular and now, as they fought less fiercely for a moment, to regain their breath, Tarzan formed a cunning plan.